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Brandon Watson's "Many Niches" Blog There’s been quite a bit of chatter on the web about the Azure Services Platform. Obviously I’m excited to see people talking about our new platform, especially when there is plenty of good, some bad, and some good if not somewhat rambling. There will be no shortage of guessing as to what Microsoft is “really up to” with our development efforts. I wanted to take a crack at that one, but from a completely different perspective. I want to frame the discussion centered on the motivations of the platform providers, and let that be a guide to understanding the delivered product. Amazon Let me start by giving a hat tip to the AMZN guys. Their web services platform (AWS) has really been at the tip of the spear for cloud computing. or the sake of this discussion, when I use the term “cloud computing,” I am talking about the developer platf... (more)

Building a Composite Application Using Multiple Web Services

Brandon Watson's "Many Niches" Blog What happens when your cloud provider has multiple datacenters and has the ability to move your code around based on their need (read: not your need)? One thing that any enterprise IT buyer knows how to say is “who’s throat do I choke?” When you have a composited application, who exactly are you going to be calling? The cloud providers have yet to address the myriad of problems which can, and will, arise. Just when you thought it was safe to start thinking about putting together all of those services into a composite app, the dreaded siren cal... (more)

Netbooks – Comparing Windows, Apples and Penguins

Everyone seems to be all over this netbook meme that’s been floating around for a while.  When I first played with a netbook, it was an Asus 9” Eee PC.  I have to admit, I didn’t get it at first.  The machine that I was given to borrow over a few days was running Windows XP.  It had a very small keyboard.  Do I have large hands?  No.  (You know what they say about guys with small hands right?  They still can’t type on netbooks.)  I just found the keyboard very difficult to acclimate to for even basic tasks. I returned the netbook, and a couple of months later was treated to anothe... (more)

…Sit Around And Talk About The Great Startup You Want To Do

This is the first essay from the first chapter in my community book “The Failing Point” – essays will be published here online first, and I’m looking for feedback from the community.  The permanent site will be live shortly.  Each essay title finished the sentence “Under no circumstances should you…” — I can’t tell you how many great ideas I have had in the last decade. I am literally a legend in my own mind when it comes to creating awesome products that everyone in the world must buy. It seems like I have a new idea every day. Here are a few examples: Spinner rims for baby s... (more)

Simple Tax Idea For Students And Businesses

I have long held that our current system of taxation is a bad one.  It’s oppressive, is changed too often, and encourages cheating.  Further, the more complicated the tax code, the more likely you are to have to spend more time, and in many cases money, sorting out what you do and don’t owe.  It’s onerous and I hate the current system.  I want to hack it. With that out of the way, it was with some interest that I was reading this article about the multitude of tax programs which are being enacted to help students get out of debt post school.  When thinking about any program, I v... (more)